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Welcome to OILPRO, we are Oil & Gas professionals, with a Global Presence.

Welcome to OILPRO

About Us

OILPRO SA, headquartered in Switzerland has been buying and selling Oil & Gas since its inception. With a combined team of experts and a large network of global relationships in both government and private sectors, people partner with Oilpro for our ability to deliver results.

OILPRO Specialises in Crude Oil including BLCO, Aviation Fuel (JP54), D2 Gasoil-Diesel L-0.2-62 GOST 305-82 and Mazut M100 GOST 10585-75 along with other Energy Products.

OILPRO SA are rapidly expanding their portfolio of clients on a regular basis, while keeping up with global demands and changes.


OILPRO seeks to be a commercially responsible provider of Oil and Gas and to work directly with the buyers as the titleholder to ensure a seamless transactions.


To extend our expertise, knowledge, experience and passion in what we do globally, while ensuring that governments, organisations, businesses and the people of the countries we deal in continue to grow and prosper by receiving equal level of service.

Always with quality


Refined Products

With direct access to refined products through our relationships, OILPRO SA is able to fulfil both small and large orders on various refined products

giant pipeline construction, engineer checking for leaks
Conceptual photo of bio fuel.  On bright background

We are committed to providing environmentally friendly products, including Bioethanol or Biodiesel. We strive to deliver on these requirements and more.


Other commodity requests are common, and we ensure that we provide our clients with access to Coal, Aluminium, Iron Ore and other similar products

Service with integrity


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OILPRO takes a consultative approach with all vendors and clients. Not only do we handle transactions, we also have a team available to provide consulting if and when required.


OILPRO SA is researching clean energy solution providers and will work closely with providers to deliver solutions to our clients.

Construction of the pipeline into the sea.

OILPRO is able to handle the logistics aspects of products that it provides to its clients. Whether the products coming out of Houston or Tank to Tank, we have the relationships in place to deliver.

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